Our Olive grove is located in the mountainous Region of the amazing Village KASTRO. Well known for its Castle CHLEMOUTSI in the Municipality Andravidas Killini of the Regional Unit Ilia – Region of Western Greece (birthplace of the Olympic Games). Our olive trees are known as the well known and famous variety «KORONEIKI». The trees are from the decade of the year 1930 and the trees are fully organic.The excellent organic olive oil produced is a genuine product without interference and refining  with the cool process,  fully nutritious. The Olive Oil after it has been harvested it is stored in Inox Containers fully protected and it is like the first day that it has been harvested. It is bottled in my proprietary bottling facilities. 

LUXURY OIL is bottled in the following bottles: Anfora Peloponese  glass bottle 250ml (also available in tinted green, black and white bottles 250ml), Ceramic bottle (hand made from a Ceramic Artist)  in  black & white bottle  250ml ,  Ceramic bottle (hand made)  150ml (available in white , black and olive green), 1 liter cylinder container and 500ml  cylinder container and our  Medical Glass bottle  100 ml for medical use only. The spigot used for the glass bottle and the ceramic bottle 250ml  is a kefaloforos cork with wooden head and with flow control. LUXURY OIL took place in the International London Olive Oil Competion 2016 for the first time and was Awarded with the SILVER AWARD for high quality Organic Olive Oil Standards . The year 2017 LUXURY OIL  from (The World Olive Centre for Health)  THE OLYMPIA Health & Nutrition Awards Committee was awarded and received the Silver Standard of Exxcellence for High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Alexandra Drakias